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Welcome to the home of the beautiful Shakandah Birmans, where we take great pride in producing top quality little angels with superb temperaments and wonderful Birman type.

My name is Anne Davis and I live in the beautiful leafy outer east suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria Australia.
I share my home with my husband Glenn of 40 years and our wonderful 4 legged furries.

Anne and Glenn

We have 4 lovely Children, Rebecca 39, who has given us two precious granddaughters Emma 14 and Charli 13. Benjamin 37 who is married to Pukky and they have also blessed us with another two precious darlings Aleisha 5 and our first grandson Mason whom is 2. Jonno 35 who lives with his partner Lara in their own home and Luke who is 29.

Ben & Pukky
Jonno & Lara

Emma and Charli



We also have a gorgeous house dog Jack and our gorgeous Chinchilla X named Charlie in addition to our beautiful Birman family.

I am A registered Breeder with the Feline Control Council Victoria Inc. (FCCV) and a member of Birman, Ragdoll and Associated Breeds Club (BRAB).

To date I have produced many show winners here in Australia and Overseas, especially in Europe and the USA. I take my job as a Breeder very responsibly and seriously.

I DO NOT cut corners, nor scrimp on costs. Only the BEST for my Birman Angels here at Shakandah Birmans.

To be OWNED by a Birman is one of Life's Blessings and as the saying goes, Two Birmans are Better than one.

Birmans are Loving, Outgoing, very Social and quite dog like in nature. Stylish in everyway, you get what you see with a Birman. A cat with STRIKING appearance and endearing blue eyes. You cant help but fall in love with this gorgeous breed of cat who is happy to sit on your lap or help out with household chores.


Charlie Charlie

Brown/Black Tipped Tabby Domestic (1/2 Chinchilla)
D.O.B : 21 July, 2006

Meet the SPECIAL man of the house our very precious Charlie, Charlie came to us by chance at just 7 weeks of age and has been a huge part of our family ever since.

Very human like in his ways Charlie knows how to get things his own way when he wants and how he wants. He gets on great with the other household pets and loves having baby Birmans to play with during the breeding season.

We simply could not imagine our life without this beautiful boy. We have never owned a cat quite like him.

Resident house dog in charge of socializing the cats

Jack Jack

DOB: 6 August, 2008

Meet Jack our gorgeous little house dog. Jack has lived with us since he was an 8 week old pup. He is the BEST little companion EVER.

Jack is a delight to have around, and we cant imagine him not being here. He loves everyone he meets and is fabulous with the grandkids whom all adore him. A darling little fellow we all just love and he brings us alot of pleasure on a daily basis.

I know I'm just a kitten Lord, but created by your hands,
I am so small and weak and scared, so all your help I need.
Please hear my prayer for things I need, and bless my life indeed,
All things I ask are needed Lord to make my life complete.

Dear Lord please grant me soft warm beds, and toys to delight my days,
A full food bowl every day and water fresh and clean.
Peak health and long life to share my charm,
With those I love so deep.

Please grant me safety from all harm, in loving arms to hide,
A companion that will always care and want me by their side.
Someone that knows I depend on them for all my daily needs,
And gives me endless, total love as you always give to them.

Please never let me be abused, forsaken, cold and scared,
For even a small creation of yours deserves the best in life.
So please dear Lord, please hear my prayer each and every day,
To always keep your hand on me and guide me through this life.

One more small thing I ask of you and then I'll be fulfilled,
Please bless my companion you provide and help them everyday.
Give all the ones that I love, wisdom and knowledge about me,
That they may know I need consistant care and all their love to make it through this life.

Written and Copyright Elizabeth Nadine McFarland
June 16, 2002

~* Purrs to Signal "All is Well" *~

Gentle eyes that see so much,
Paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal "all is well"
and show more love than words can tell.

Graceful movements touch with pride,
A calming presence by our side,
A friendship that takes time to grow...
Small wonder why we love them so.


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