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Our beautiful precious babies are lovingly raised mostly indoors in a warm and happy family enviroment.

Our little treasure are handled from day one so they become totally socialized and used to human contact. I am very particular about the nature of my babies and take great pride in hearing back from everyone how confident and friendly my babies are.

Our babies are generally ready to make their way into the world with their new families at about 10-12 weeks of age. Prior to leaving, kittens are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and given a clean bill of health by my vet. There will be no exception to a kitten being desexed unless it is going to share it's life with an approved registered breeder, so please do not ask. Pet kittens will also come with a kitten care starter pack.

I will export to the right home after you tell me your life story and your plans for any baby from my cattery. References required please.

ALL pet owners of a 'Shakandah Sweetheart' must promise to keep their baby safely indoors where he/she can lead a happy content and safe life. An indoor fat cat is much happier and safer than an outdoor cat.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to be a slave to the best cat you will ever have the pleasure of being owned by.

For more information on kittens available, litters planned or to reserve a kitten, please contact:

Anne Davis:

0412 582 505 - Australia
+61 (412) 582 505 - International



Future Litters Due

We will have kittens later in the year.


I am a CAT breeder, I breed CATS

NOT dogs
NOT mice
NOT rabbits,


I am a CAT breeder
I am not a pet store.

I cannot guarantee having a kitten of a specific color or sex available on demand.
Those kittens listed on my website or that I tell you I have available are ALL I have.
Just because you decide today that you want a kitten does not mean that I have one available for you to take home today.

I am a CAT breeder
I am not a travelling salesman

I will not bring a selection of kittens to your home for you to look over.
If I have kittens available then you may make an appointment to come view them.
All kittens marked as reserved on my site or I say are not available are NOT available.
The age and availability dates that I list on my site are NON negotiable.
I will not sell a kitten before I feel that it is ready to go to it's new home.

I am a CAT breeder
I am not a bargain basement or clearance store.

If you are looking for a kitten at a bargain rate keep looking you will not find it here.
Every kitten that I have is raised with all the loving attention that I can give it.
I have spent many hours cleaning litter trays, feeding, watering and worrying over each and everyone.

I am a CAT breeder

I spend hours on the phone, the internet and in person answering the questions of each perspective buyer.
I answer the same questions time after time even though that information is clearly listed on my website.
I answer the questions and put up with rude behaviour of buyers who are upset that they can't get what they want when they want it.

I am a CAT breeder

I spend countless hours learning more about how to raise kittens better and more about my specific breed.
I spend ENORMOUS amounts of money at the vets and buying cat related supplies such as litter and quality food.
If you broke down what I bring in on each kitten as "profit" I would be making pennies per hour.

I am a CAT breeder

I spend much money, many hours preparing for, travelling to and attending cat shows and am thrilled to bring home a two dollar rosette.
> I enjoy the camaraderie of other breeders and admire their cats even when their cats beat mine.

I am a CAT breeder and I LOVE my cats

To all who read this, I hope it puts into perspective the dedication and love I have for my cats and the Birman breed, Anne.

~* I Love My Kitty *~

I Love My Little Kitty, she makes my house a home
she always is my best friend, I never feel alone
She makes me smile, she makes me laugh
She fills my heart with love...
Did some breeder breed her, or did she fall down from above?

I've never been a breeder, seen life through their eyes
I hold my little kitty and just sit and criticize
I've never known their anguish, I've never felt their pain
the caring of their charges, through snow, wind and rain.

I've never sat the whole night, waiting for babies to be born
The stress and trepidation when they're still not here by dawn
I've never felt the heartache, of a little life in my hands
This darling little baby, who weighs but 60 grams.

Should you do that instead of this... or this instead of that
Alone you fight, and hope one day, he'll grow to be a cat
and bring joy to another being, and make a house a home
You know its all just up to you, you'll fight this fight alone.

Formula, bottles, heating pads, you've got to get this right
Two hourly feeds for this tiny guy, throughout the day and night.
In your heart you know, your almost sure to lose the fight
to save this little baby, but god willing.. you might.

Day one he's in there fighting, you say a silent prayer
Day two and three, he's doing well, with lots of love and care
Day four and five... he's still alive, your hopes soar to the heavens
Day six he slips away again, dies in your hands day seven.

You take this little angel, and bury him alone
With aching heart and burning tears, and an exhausted groan
You ask yourself "why do I do this?... why suffer all this pain?"
But when you see the joy your kittens bring... it really self explains.

So, when you think of breeders and label them with "greed"
Think about what they endure to fill another's need
When you buy a kitten and with your precious dollars do part
You only pay with money... we pay with our heart.


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