National Show Ch. & GOLD GD. CH/CH.

Lily Lily

" Lily "

Lilac Point
3 October, 2001 - 10 November, 2007
Sire - Kesima Dominion Blue
Dam - Rathmore Jasmina Blue

It is with much sadness that I need to write here that my most PRECIOUS Princess Lily had to be given her wings much earlier than her time, due to ill health.
Lily delivered 6 BEAUTIFUL bubs on 26 September, 2007 with not a problem and nursed them wonderfully. She became a little unwell the second week and was struggling to care for the babies so I helped her along. The vet could not find anything obviously wrong.
Lily had good days and bad days and then when the kittens were 5 weeks she could barely walk. Back to the vet, Lily was weak and had lost alot of weight. OMG, I was seriously stressing. She was hospitalised and many tests were done including a biopsy which showed my special girl has cancer in both her kidneys. She was put on cortisone to see if we could get some more time but we only got a couple days and I could see Lily was struggling.
My heart was breaking but what could I do. I had to show my compassion and not let her suffer. That for me was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have cried so many tears over my dancing Princess, my special girl. I am still not sure why god chose her. Lily was cremated and lies in her beautiful carved box next to my bed. I want to keep her close.

Lily Lily

This is for you my Angel (written on the day you passed)...

MY Gorgeous special Princess Lily where do I begin !!!!
Today has been one of the hardest days of my life when I had to give you your special angel wings to fly free. To free you of pain. I could not bare to see you suffer and today you were taking that path again, you looked so sick and frail and my heart was aching so badly but I could not be selfish, I had to free you.

Oh Lily, Lily my baby girl, I will miss you so much and can't imagine not seeing you dance when I say your name. You and I had a connection I have never had with any pet, you were so special to me and so loved. You were born in my wardrobe that beautiful spring morning and by the time you were three weeks old I knew you were going to be one special little cat. You graced the show bench with many wins even just recently to earn a title that read like this - National Ch / CCCA Ch & Gold Gd Ch/Ch Shakandah Lilac Lilypuss. You were also a wonderful mummy cat but MOST of all you were my TREASURED girl. You were the queen here, the TOP cat who kept everyone in order and under control

My baby girl please know I did what was best for you and not a day will go by that I will not think of you with EVERY beat of my heart.

You left me six special babies just recently who are now 6 weeks old and I promise I will look after them with my life and they will all grow up to be as beautiful as you.

Now fly free my darling Princess and know that mummy LOVED you so much.

Until we meet again
Your very sad, hurting mummy



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