Shakandah Stars

National Show ch./CCCA GD. CH. & GOLD GD. CH./CH. 

Sharif Sharif

" Sharif "

It was the hardest decision of my life to desex this absolutely gorgeous boy. After what happened to my Princess Lily, I could not bare to go through anything like that again so made the tough decision that it was time Sharif was to become someone's loved pet. Sharif and I found him a wonderful home with John and Mary who do not live that far from me, so I can make visits to see him. Sharif has settled well and is totally spoilt in his new home as the only pet and he is very much adored. I sure do miss him , but he left me some wonderful offspring to go on with and I am very proud of them. Hope you have a wonderful life my most special boy, I will love you forever. Thanks again John and Mary for taking such good care of the handsome lad.

Sharif Sharif



" Billy "

Well what can I say about this boy whom left a huge impact here at Shakandah and over in Italy. Billy was an amazing stud during his time as one, he had an amazing temperament with other cats and especially his girlfriends.
Billy also won many BEST IN SHOWS and also had a handful of SUPREME Exhibit in show under his belt.Billy is now desexed and enjoying being a bed cat.




" Sienna "

My PRECIOUS CC how I love her so very much. Sienna instilled my love for the Tabby pattern in the Birman which today is my all time fav in all colors.
This has been my favorite female line also, they never fail to deliver.
Sienna was a very dominant girl and loved keeping control of the others, the boys included.

This BEAUTIFUL girl had many show wins during her career, BEST IN SHOW as both a adult and Kitten and many SUPREME wins also.
After 4 exceptional litters it was decided to desex her and very sadly Sienna was placed in a pet home, where today she is VERY loved just as she was here.
I am still working with this precious line it is Sienna's legacy she left here for us at Shakandah.




" Angel "

Sometimes as breeders we have to make some tough decisions and I just had to make one of those (the hardest one I have had to do as a breeder so far). Angel has been a major asset to my breeding program and one cat I simply adore in everyway. She is such a quirky little girl and loves being a clown. Angel has been an unbelieveable mother and gave birth so easily as well. She made my job as her carer very easy. The time had come for me to decide Angel's future after she had raised her 6th litter. A real tough call but it was now my turn to repay her for all she gave me so Angel was desexed and she now shares a very spoilt life as the only pet of Angie Sutalo. I miss her so and she did miss me for a short while but Angie now tells me she is very settled and enjoying her retirement (I had to do what was in her best interest).

Angel (My little Angey Pangey) what a breeding cat you were, a very dignified and wonderful mother to ALL your babies that you reared so wonderfully. I love you so much and can't begin to thank you for all you did for us here at Shakandah. I take great pride in knowing we were a great team together and you were one awesome cat to own and one of the best cats any Birman Breeder would be very proud to own.  Thank you my special girl. I LOVE you so much. Enjoy your new life with Angie (one you deserve). Love your cat carer Mummy.

Gd. CH.


" Tashy "

Natasha has now been retired and is enjoying her life as a one and only house pet which she is loving. I really miss this girl, she is so special to me but she deserved her special time now. Natasha is as loved in her new home as she was here. Have a BEAUTIFUL life my Princess, you so deserve it !!


Gracie Gracie

" Gracie "

It was now Gracie's time to be desexed and she has found a wonderful home where she will be truly pampered living with Elaine and David Downie.


Chelsea Chelsea

" Chelsea "

Sadly, due to a difficult birth and Chelsea needing a ceaser, she has now been desexed.



Khan Khan

" Khan "

Khan has gone over to the USA to share his life with Sue Deladi and her husband John. Sue is very happy with Khan and he has been doing us both very proud on the show bench.

Khan is a HUGE boy and I am very delighted and proud to have bred him.

Thanks Sue for looking after our boy so well. These pics sent to me by Sue to share and a link to her homepage Bikhata, where you can visit Khan.



Tommy Oliver

" Tommy & Oliver "

Meet Tommy and Oliver who share their life with another special friend of mine, Angelique of Delanderije Birmans in Belgium.

Both boys have developed really wonderfully and Angelique is VERY happy with them both. As of course I am too. They have both produced gorgeous babies in Belgium.

It was a pleasure to have Angelique come to our home in Australia when it was time to pick Oliver up and take him safely home herself. We had a ball. Thanks Angelique for taking extra great care of the boys. It makes me so happy to know they are living happily with you and your family.


Keyshah Keyshah

" Keety "

Keety as she is lovingly known (by myself and now her new mummy), shares her life with my friend in Austria and lives at the cattery - She is VERY spoilt and the whole family is so in love with her (um, how could you not?!). They just adore her type and her deep blue eye colour but best of all she is their LOVE BUG! I truly struggled to give this girl up as my friend knows.

Keyshah is pictured above, just a few weeks back where she took out BEST IN SHOW!! We sure were proud!!



" Fivi "

It is with Great pleasure that I share the joy of Gali Gozali and Irit Levinger, of Stars of Tevel Miracle Birmans in Israel who have taken into their hearts and home the VERY GORGEOUS, Shakandah Caught Red Handed ('Cory'). Cory is their big Lion and I am very proud to have sent him to the girls to help with their program. He truly is beautiful.


Toshi Toshi

" Toshi "

Also joining their furry family is the very beautiful Shakandah Hot Chocolate (above, also known as 'Toshi').

Thanks girls for taking the babies into your life and I am sure they will sure give you some wonderful babies to go on with. Looking forward to plenty nanny news!



" Feinyx "

Gorgeous Feinyx is Sebastion's brother and he shares his life with Laetitia Aubry of Lesbords Delincaougji in France.

Feinyx is absolutely adored and is a very spoilt boy. He has sired his first litter of kittens and Laetitia has told me they are the prettiest babies born in her cattery so far. I am one very proud mummy at this end.

Feinyx has also got about 10 Best In show wins he has achieved.

This is one gorgeous boy I am very proud of and knowing how much Laetitia adores him sure warms my heart.


Int CH


" Sebastion "

The beautiful Sebastion (brother of Feinyx) shares his life in Italy with Stefania Mattelloni of Codelizucchero. Sebastion is very loved and has a wonderful life with Stef. He has done us both proud at the shows, he is such a beautiful boy. Sebastion has given Stef some wonderful babies. He lives a spoilt life and has acres of tunnelling to roam the beautiful property as he pleases.

Thanks for loving him so much Stef.


Kelvin Kelvin

" Kelvin "

This darling boy shares his very spoilt life with our dear friends Vida and Neil Lowry. Kelvin is Billy's son and very much like his daddy Kelvin will probably be shown as a neuter in 2014.


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